Scientific Sessions

Theme: “Nitrogen Fixation for Agriculture and Environment”


Opening Keynote Lecture: “Nitrogen, Agriculture and Climate”

Closing Keynote Lecture: “Future Perspectives of Nitrogen Fixation”:


Plenary Sessions:

1. Nitrogen, Environment and Global Change

2. Evolution, Diversity and Ecology of Diazotrophs

3. Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Nitrogenase

4. Regulation in Nitrogen Fixing Organisms

5. Physiology of Nitrogen Fixing Associations

6. Plant-Microbe Signaling          

7. Plant Physiology and Crop Productivity

8. Inoculant Production and Applications. Novel Uses and Engineering of Nitrogen-Fixing Organisms 


 Parallel Sessions

1. Nitrogen cycle and global change

2. Evolution, diversity and ecology of nitrogen-fixing organisms

3. Chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology of nitrogenase

4. Regulation of nitrogen fixation systems

5. Functioning of legume-Rhizobium symbiosis

6. Non-legume nitrogen-fixing associations

7. Plant-microbe signaling

8. Environmental constraints to nitrogen fixation and crops productivity

9. Inoculant production and applications

10. Novel uses and engineering of nitrogen-fixation systems



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